I offer my services to clients that aim to add value to our society.

If you are looking for a truly engaged person that puts all effort into really understanding the matter and who can translate that in such a way that it touches ‘the other’ , whether the goal is to achieve a shared vision, to motivate to action, to engage, inspire, move

you have come to the right address:

Alwine van Heemstra

+31 641001423



WinWinStories creates engaging video’s for organisations with a positive attitude towards society.

What is your story? What do you want to tell?  A WinWinStories video will engage your audience.

WinWinStories can be told in many different ways, depending on your wants and needs. Each video is unique. What they do all have in common is that I put in my passion and my many years of experience in the audiovisual field. I listen and take the time to get to know you and the subject. I help you turn your ideas into the video concept that suits you.

WinWinStories creates video for internal and external purposes. Do you need visual support for a coaching or training? Do you need a review of a workshop or a compilation of your event? Do you want to present your service or product on your website? WinWinStories are always with a good sense for content.

Please contact me if you would like to get more information.

  • Work for internal use
  • Parels van de Hofweb
  • Altijd naar Binnen Luisteren – Always Listen Inside
  • Triodos Bank Hart Hoofd Prijs 2013
  • Joining Forces Eco Flores
  • Plastic does not belong here!
  • The Violin Builder
  • Hart Hoofd Prijs Triodos bank 2012
  • Triodos Hart Hoofd Prijs 2011
  • The Sustainable Hunt
  • Transformation Labs
  • Regardz Amsterdam
  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Lighthorse
  • How Do I Inspire
  • Schenken geeft meer (Donating gives more)
  • Nederland, word wakker!
  • Wij Krijgen Kippen
  • 3rd i the Process
  • Partij één
  • Sudan Anders
  • Video Postcards from Greenland
  • Lucky Charm

Work for internal use

Here you find a selection of work for external use. The real connecting work I do is for internal use however. Beautiful, powerful effective stuff but too confidential for the web. If you are really interested I can show you in person.

Parels van de Hofweb

snapshot onkruidwieden

Parels van de Hofweb – Pearls from the Hofweb – are shorts I make for the organic online shop – www.hofwebwinkel.nl
Two farmer sons run this shop and the farmers behind it are amazing. They produce food with their heart. Even if you don’t get the Dutch you will catch what I mean.


Altijd naar Binnen Luisteren – Always Listen Inside

snapshots pameijerAltijd naar Binnen Luisteren means Always listen inside. Together with Maartje Nevejan who was artist in residence in the psychiatric home Pameijer I made a film about the projects she did – 30 minutes. The film gives an insight in the lives of the people who live there and brings stories we can all connect to.
For privacy reasons the film is not online. These are some snapshots to give an idea of the atmosphere.

Triodos Bank Hart Hoofd Prijs 2013

I am proud to present the video’s we created for  The Triodos Hart Hoofd Prijs (Heart Head Prize), together with Hermen van de Waal and Ruben Faber. The public got to choose again from 9 nominees, all innovative organisations that contribute in a positive way to society. Nukuhiva – Floortje Dessings shop – was the winner. To see the video’s click on the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 09.45.03

Joining Forces Eco Flores

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 08.42.15
Watch the story behind Eco Flores
Eco Flores Congress September 2012 in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia and what we can accomplish by joining forces.
For more information please visit www.ecoflores.org

Producer/camera/editor – Alwine van Heemstra
Editing assistant -  Anna van Dorp
Camera trip – Elivia Shaw
Camera party – Françoise Guerrier

Plastic does not belong here!

Plastic man and Eco Flores joined forces to clean the streets of Labuan Bajo on the island Flores in Indonesia. The participants of the Eco Flores Conference 2012 rolled up their sleeves and picked up all the plastic they could find. Plastic forms a big danger for wildlife. Tons end up in the Sea. People need to be educated about the consequences of plastic waste in the seas and oceans.
More information about Eco Flores: www.ecoflores.org
More information about Plastic man: www.plasticman-institute.org

Camera: Alwine van Heemstra
Editing: Alwine van Heemstra and Anna van Dorp
Music: Asep Suryaman



The Violin Builder

For the digital newsletter for Triodos Bank I had the honor to interview violin builder Guust François. Co-created with Hermen van de Waal (Camera and edit) and Phil Yisrael (2nd camera).
Click on the image below to watch the video. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Dutch. The images speak for themselves – a real professional who makes instruments for musicians, with passion, love and care.

Hart Hoofd Prijs Triodos bank 2012

I am proud to present the video’s we created this Summer for The Triodos Hart Hoofd Prijs (Heart Head Prize), together with Hermen van de Waal and Phil Yisrael. The public gets to choose from 9 nominees, all innovative organisations that contribute in a positive way to society. To watch (and vote until September 24) click on the image below.

Triodos Hart Hoofd Prijs 2011

Together with Hermen van de Waal and Phil Yisrael, I’m working on 9 video’s for the  Heart – Head Prize 2012. The public gets to choose from 9 nominees, all innovative organisations that contribute in a positive way to society.

Click below to watch the video’s we made for last year’s competition

The Sustainable Hunt

The Professional Passionates organized the Sustainable Hunt. CEO’s, managers en young professionals hunt for the perfect lunch. Click on the image below to watch the two video’s:

Transformation Labs

Based on Alan Moore book: No Straight Lines Cees de Weerd and Henry Koek together with Alan Moore created the Transformation Lab for KPN’s leadership training. WinWinStories covered the lab and created video’s for internal use for KPN + for promotional purposes the following video to demonstrate what a ‘No Straight Lines Transformation Lab’ is about:

Camera: Walthera Beelaerts and Alwine van Heemstra
Editor: Alwine van Heemstra
Voiceover: Alan Moore


Regardz Amsterdam

For Regardz Amsterdam, Location and Event center, I made three different video’s for three different Locations.

Regardz Olympisch Stadion

Regardz Level Eleven Zilveren Toren

Regardz Planetarium

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an international verification initiative dedicated to enhancing workers lives all over the world. We work closely with a growing number of companies that produce clothing and other sewn products and that take responsibility for their supply chain. FWF keeps track of the improvements made by the companies it works with. And through sharing expertise, social dialogue and strengthening industrial relations, FWF increases the effectiveness of the efforts made by companies.

For Fair Wear Foundation WinWinStories created this video of the Members Day 2010 for their website. Click on the picture below:


Concept, Camera and editing: Alwine van Heemstra
Camera assistant: Robbert van Zinnicq Bergmann
Photography: Eric Martin


Sandra Geisler asked me to make a video for her website about her Natural Leadership Coaching with horses. We decided to show a ‘real’ session to show the power of her transformational coaching. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Click below for more information about Lighthorse

How Do I Inspire

WinWinStories produced the trailer for PROFESSIONAL PASSIONATES, a movement of professionals that make the world a better place from the job they are in. INSPIRE, CONNECT & CHANGE!
For more information visit www.professionalpassionates.nl

Interviews by Jonathan Marks

Schenken geeft meer (Donating gives more)

For Triodos Foundation we created a video with Ted van den Bergh about ‘Schenken geeft meer’ (Donating gives more). Click on the image below to view the video (in Dutch) and learn more about the foundation:

Made toghether with Hermen van de Waal and Phil Yisrael

Nederland, word wakker!

Guus Hiddink received the first copy of Yesim Candan’s book: Nederland, word wakker! – Holland, wake up! Dit is een test of het werkt

Wij Krijgen Kippen

For Wij Krijgen Kippen (We Get Chicken) I made 12 pitch video’s to present the ‘helpers’.
Wij Krijgen Kippen is a local initiative in Amsterdam South aiming to together create their own clean energy with professional help if necessary.
Click here to see the video’s in which the professionals present themselves.

3rd i the Process

For the 3rd i project, under the World Expo’s motto “Better City, Better Life”, Christina and Graham Smith  worked with and encouraged artists, architects, students and pupils from China and the Netherlands to present their views of the future of their cities, for which they built models of their ideal cities and discussed their ideas of the future in video portraits. These models were exhibited in Shanghai, but in the parallel exhibition in the MK Gallery, visitors could control the 3rd i robots at the Shanghai exhibition from Rotterdam, and virtually visit the Shanghai exhibition.

Together with Maartje Nevejan I created a video about the process. The video was presented at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010

Partij één

In 2010 a new political party, founded by a young Turkish-Dutch Yesim Candan, participated in the elections. Most important viewpoints of the party: combine entrepreneurship with idealism; being bi-cultural is positive; diversity is a good thing if you find the connections, instead of focussing on the opposites and start from there.

I was nr 4 on the list. Unfortunately we needed to move too fast too soon….

The video’s I made during our campaign time:

1st pitch

should our name be Partij één or Partij 1? Yesim asks the opinion of the people on the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam.

Yesim kisses prime minister Balkenende

Partij één at the Libelle Summer Fair


Sudan Anders

Deze video’s vormen een tweeluik – o.a. vertoond in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, tijdens de tentoonstelling ‘memories from home’, onderdeel van het festival ‘Sudan Anders’.

De films zijn samen met Maartje Nevejan gemaakt voor het festival Soudan Anders, een initiatief van Mieke Kolk.


Video Postcards from Greenland

In May 2009 I joined the Tällberg Learning Journey to Greenland: Climate change and economic development, led by Tom Cummings We witnessed the massive ice melt with our own eyes. I made video postcards of some of the people that joined:

‘If you imagine a trading floor where you have all these people monitoring with three screens, the ups and the downs of the market every day, and we only have 400 people in the world who are monitoring arguably one of the most important movements in the history of our planet…’  – Tom Cummings

‘We have no idea, as the scientists say, what the impact of all the water melting from all the ice going down the 50 km from this fast receding glacier will have on the North Atlantic, or indeed over time even on the sea rise on this planet.’ – Anthony Simon

‘We need a new kind of leadership. A leadership that understands the complexity of nature’ – Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist

Maria Wetterstrand



Lucky Charm

I followed Nina van Toulon – co-owner of The Antiqe Express – to China and filmed her fare trade story.

For more information please visit: http://www.antiqueexpress.com/

STORYTELLING and CONNECTING are the DNA of WinWinStories. It is who I am. 

I use my interview skills, dialogue and deep interest for people to get to the core of the matter. From there I tell the ‘story’, through video, text or orally. With one mission: to connect people and motivate them to collaborate.

People say about me:

Sophie Veltkamp – Triodos Bank:
‘Cooperation with Alwine van Heemstra WinWinStories was very successful. With a short briefing Alwine went to work. With a short tuning in between lead to a final product that met all our needs. Alwine works professionally, independant and moves comfortaly in the crowd that is being filmed which results in a very natural end result.  Shots, light and music were very well chosen and created a beautiful whole. The end product as a video of a jury deliberation with which the contestants of the contest could have a look be behind the scenes in a transparent way.’

Sandra Geisler – Lighthorse Coaching and Training:
‘It became realy beautiful. It has really become a round story. I am very happy with it. I have lots of positive comments about how beautiful it is composed. You really have a good sense of content, image, feeling and timing.’

Alan Moore -  author No Straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world:
‘This is a five star rating for Alwine for whom I have nothing other than good things to say.

Alwine shoots and edits films, her motivation are stories that add value to society. 
If you want someone that is as honest as the day is long, open, strong, committed and also great fun to be with. Then Alwine is someone I would highly recommend.
Alwine carefully creates great work, her editing skills outstanding as we all know stories well told are the ones people believe in. I believe in Alwine and know we will be working together for many years to come.’

Cees de Weerd – sMi Leadership-Learning-Fascilitation:
‘I find it fantastic, you are a combination of an angle with amazing craftmanship!’


  • Start with why?!
  • Forum for Changemakers and Social Innovators
  • Incorporate story into your presentation
  • Proud to be in this place – Transom.org
  • Man… About us
  • My new year’s resolution
  • Bring the Spring
  • World Changing Ideas in an engaging way
  • Eco Flores Congress

Start with why?!

I find this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek very inspiring. As a videomaker the WHY question is the most important question I ask, especially to myself. Why do I do what I do, why do I make this video. If every action would start with a why there would be so much more meaning to what people do. Watch this:

Forum for Changemakers and Social Innovators

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be attending the Annual Global Forum of the Presencing Institute at MIT in Boston. If you like to virtually attend click here.
I’m going because I find the idea of learning from the emerging future opposed to from the past very inspiring. With WinWinStories I want to contribute to the paradigm shift from the Ego to the Co-creative Eco system 4.o.

Incorporate story into your presentation

To really touch your audience you need to incorporate storytelling techniques into your presentation. It makes all the difference in getting you message across. Watch this inspiring TED talk by Nancy Duarte:

Proud to be in this place – Transom.org

transom.org is definately one of the places to be for storylovers like me. The online showcase & workshop for New Public Radio was founded by Jay Allison. I have been lucky to meet him several times. And if you have a ‘different’ story to tell you might be able to produce it with them. I’m proud that they have my story where I followed a tomato - The Tomato and the Big Apple



Man… About us

Steve Cutts “MAN” says it all…


My new year’s resolution

After my conversation yesterday with Tom Cummings -  a remarkably inspiring and generous man, and by the way an incredible facilitator and interviewer -
my new year’s resolution for WinWinStories came to me:
I will make as many video’s I can that engage people into action!
Stories that make you think: “this involves me, I feel part of this.”
I’m looking forward to all those beautiful stories out there that I can capture in 2013

and… I’ll eat more fruit, take longer walks with the dogs, get more sleep, update my website more often, and so on…

Bring the Spring

I love this intitiative! A culture festival in February. I invested in it – smart system. You cannot lose. Hopefully many people participate. Click on image below Let the show go on!

World Changing Ideas in an engaging way

I love RSA’s animations of World Changing Ideas http://www.thersa.org/events/rsaanimate

My favorite – in case you haven’t seen it yet – it’s about education:

How come this is so evident and yet most school systems do not prepare children for todays world/the future?



Eco Flores Congress

Let’s start this blog with Eco Flores! I am fortunate to go to Indonesia to cover the Eco Flores Congress on the Island Flores. The Eco Flores Foundation is a network organization that seeks to coordinate sustainability efforts on the island of Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. It is an initiative by Nina van Toulon. Have a look on the website. It is incredible what Nina has already accomplished. I think the motto here is: have ambition to change and just do it!

For Nina I made a video Lucky Charms a few years ago in China.

I offer my services to clients that aim to add value to our society.

If you are looking for a truly engaged person that puts all effort into really understanding the matter and who can translate that in such a way that it touches ‘the other’ , whether the goal is to achieve a shared vision, to motivate to action, to engage, inspire, move

you have come to the right address:

Alwine van Heemstra

+31 641001423